I cannot get my mom to a massage therapist

“My mom has a sore neck and her doctor said she needs to go for a massage. I would gladly massage her myself, but my hands get tired very quickly plus I am not quite sure how to massage.

The problem is that my mom refuses to leave her house.

There is a solution for that however. I call for a massage therapist to come to my mom’s place instead. Now a professional massage therapist  visits my mom once in every two weeks and gives her a 90-minute massage mostly concentrating on her aching back and neck.

I think this type of service has many advantages over a regular salon visit.The massage service is very professional and a good quality. Moreover every minute that I pay for is making my mom feel better!  My mother likes this type of arrangement also – now she does not need to get dressed and go out from her house…and she does not need to wait for a bus after her massage. To be honest, my mom has really started to look forward to the massages that take place in her own safe and comfortable home.”

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