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Sound therapy

This is just one of the several bowls that we use for sound therapy at Massaaži Ekspress Tallinn salon, Estonia

Sound therapy is an old Tibetan treatment. Massage therapist starts to play on the bowls producing special sound patterns that starts eminating through the body on many levels. This has a balancing effect on the body’s cells an takes a person quickly to a state of relaxation that we experience just before falling into a REM -sleep.


60 minutes-->40 €

How else is this massage called: singing bowl massage, sound massage

Who is this massage suited? Anybody can enjoy sound therapy but because of its properties it is perfect for people with high stress or for people for whom a traditional massage is contraindicated (for example people with cancer)

What else is this massage good for?

  • If you desire to experience sound waves going through your body;
  • If you struggle with stress and are unable to sleep;
  • If you struggle with depression.

What else should I know about singing bowl massage?

  • You do not prepare for a treatment in advance;
  • You will be fully dressed during your massage.
  • The therapy will take place on the mat (on the floor);
  • The bowls are placed around the client and also on the body of the client;
  • The therapy does not include a regular massage with hands.
  • Sound therapy is not suitable if you have excess liquid in your head.
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